Pohlman Knowles’ Summer Shows

Bodies + Beings

Abmeyer + Wood
Thursday, July 2 – August 21
Reception:  Thursday, July 2, 5 – 8 p.m.

We are pleased to announce that we are participating in this group exhibition along with the following artists:

William Morris
Ross Richmond
Patti Warashina
Richard Notkin
Adrian Arleo
Margaret Keelan
Calvin Ma
Erika Sanada
Jason Walker
Christopher David White
Jacob Foran
Cynthia Consentio

Abmeyer + Wood was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Wood, former employee of Friesen Gallery of the same location, 1210 Second Avenue, just behind New Archetypes, the towering stainless steel columns created in 1990 by Anne and Patrick Poirier. Abmeyer + Wood strives to bring the best in contemporary arts to the Pacific Northwest through a roster of nationally recognized artists from the region and beyond.

Stainless columns

New Archetypes by Anne and Patrick Poirier, 1990 on Seattle’s Second Avenue

Wunderkammer:  Artifacts, False Memories and Projections

Foss Waterway Seaport
Maritime Museum
Thursday, July 16 (evening reception) – August 29
Opening at Maritime Fest:
Saturday, July 18 (10-6); Sunday, July 19 (10-5)

“Wunderkammer: Artifacts, False Memories and Projections”,  curated by Lisa Kinoshita of Tacoma’s Moss + Mineral, is a contemporary exhibit inspired by the wunderkammers (cabinets of curiosity) first filled by early European voyagers, that expanded knowledge of the known world.

The goal of this show is to stimulate the viewer’s imagination in a direct way that is unusual in the Google age (but more usual during the Renaissance) through sculpture or mixed media work that forces the viewer to consider its authenticity, and/or reason for being.

This exhibition will be installed in the Seaport’s historic and inspiring Balfour Dock Building, renovated in 2014 by Olson Kundig Architects.


Foss Waterway Seaport’s historic Balfour Building



Piece Gallery

122 East Meadow Drive
Vail, Colorado 81657

It was not easy to say goodbye to one of the most outstanding art dealers we have worked with but we are wishing Sandy Sardella a most enjoyable retirement after dedicating 25 years to handling glass artwork in three Colorado locations under Pismo Galleries.  We miss her more than we can say.

But!  The exciting news is that Eva Pobjecka, director of the Vail location, has reopened the gallery under the name Piece Gallery and she will be showing our work.  Her website will be available soon; we will keep you posted!


That’s all and Happy Summer!

Knowles & Pohlman’s Pilchuck Glass School Residency

Pilchuck Campus in Spring

Pilchuck Campus in Spring

Hooray!  We are nearly ready for our five-day residency at Pilchuck Glass School May 7 – 11!  We’ve got our ideas, our tools, our color and our dynamic team of four:  Kristin Elliot, Trenton Quiocho, Joe Sirculomb and Tyrone St. Ours.

The awesome Nancy Callan will be working with her team alongside us.  Come visit!  Register @ Pilchuck Gaffer Olympics. There’s no place quite like the Pilchuck campus in Spring!

Thank you, Pilchuck, for this generous and exciting opportunity!!

Trimpin, Pino, Jenny and Sabrina, Pilchuck campus 1992

Trimpin, Pino, Jenny and Sabrina, Pilchuck campus 1992

P.S.  In case you did not receive notification of our previous blog about Habatat Galleries‘ 43rd International Invitational, click here.  Wait a moment for the online catalog to appear.  100 artists from 22 countries show their best work!

Habatat International Invitational Opens Tomorrow!

Here is an online version of Habatat Galleries‘ 43rd International Invitational catalog, The Creative Process.  100 artists.  Incredible work.  See pages 140 & 141 for our Wheel of Liberation.  Click here for more information about our show pieces.  Show preview begins tomorrow at 11 a.m.  Activities through the weekend.  See you there?  Thank you, everyone, at Habatat Galleries for your tireless efforts on behalf of our international glass community!  What a show!


The Wheel of Liberation!

Russell Dandelion 1
Wonderful night with photographer Russell Johnson over here at Pohlman Knowles Studios last Monday ….   “The Wheel of Liberation, aka Dandelion” will get its audience at Habatat Galleries’ 43rd International Invitational June 23rd.  Yours truly will fly out early to install.  We’ve waited along time:  envisioned in 2009, completed in 2011, she has graced our studio wall for four years.

Our title, “The Wheel of Liberation,” originates with the symbology of our spears.  To us they represent self-empowerment and freedom from oppression and were born from learning the story of Nehanda during our 1997 Zimbabwe journey.

“Aka Dandelion” arose when we installed the wheel in its entirety.  It appeared to us as a dandelion gone to seed, at a time when we were learning the many healing properties of the humble dandelion.

We dedicate this wheel to the people of Cambodia who are struggling to restore their country.

_ROJ7958 web



SAN FRAN SCENE: Ai Weiwei @ Alcatraz; Haring @ de Young

Ai Weiwei’s “With Wind” writhes suspended, about
60′ long, in Alcatraz’s New Industries Building.

“Trace”   Lego portraits of 176 “non-violent people who have lost their freedom simply because they expressed
their ideas …. in truth, they are heroes of our time” -Ai Weiwei

Lego portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Myanmar opposition leader, New Industries Building, Alcatraz.

“With Wind” and “Trace” are two of five exhibits in @Large:  Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz.  Each exhibit is an absolute experience – in a prison environment – and together they comprise the ironic whole of this show about liberty and freedom of expression by an artist whose studio was bulldozed and whose passport was taken by his own government in an effort to stifle his freedom of speech.  The atmosphere of the Alcatraz compound alone is haunting, reflective.  Combined with Ai Weiwei’s visual voice the five-hour experience mesmerized us, left us altered.  @Large sponsored by FOR-SITE  in conjunction with National Park Service and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.  Through April 16,2015.

Next day we immersed ourselves in “Keith Haring:  The Political Line,”  at de Young Museum.  We stood in the main room and heard every note of his paintbrush, felt an understanding not before experienced.  The simplicity and the strength.  The confusion and the concern.  The joy and the anger.  But mostly the storytelling and the song.  We would go back for more, for sure.  And the exhibition book is fabulous.  Organized by Fines Arts Museums of San Francisco.  Through February 16,2015.

Stayed at Hotel Carlton, a Joie de Vivre hotel on Sutter in the Tender Nob district.  Highly recommended.

“Keith Haring: The Political Line” de Young Museum

AACG Auction @ SOFA

As the honored artists at the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass’s annual awards ceremony held at SOFA each year, we are pleased to have raised $12,000 to support the organization through our donation of a triple set of carved spears. These spears are for us symbols of liberation and freedom from oppression, and are our response to personal experiences during our travels in Zimbabwe, 1997.

The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to further the development and appreciation of art made from glass.  Learn more about the organization here.


Thank you Olivia, Larry and Amy for this fantastic presentation!
Photo credit: Ellie Pohlman – Thank you!


Carving detail.  Materials:  sculpted, carved glass, forged steel, copper, beads.


Pohlman Knowles @ SOFA Chicago, Nov. 7 – 9

Celadon Himba
Original photography; screen-printed, kiln-fired, blown, sand-carved glass; steel
18 x 13 x 3.5

Cottonwood with Corvid
Original photography; screen-printed, kiln-fired, blown, sculpted glass; steel
24 x 14 x 3.5

Memory’s Ghost
Original photography; screen-printed, kiln-fired, blown, glass;  steel
16 x 16 x 4

If you are heading to SOFA Chicago as we are, we invite you to visit The Duane Reed Gallery and view the work manifested from our Museum of Glass residency in August, 2014.  Hope to see you there!


Pohlman Knowles at the Museum of Glass – Results!

Great work by the hot shop team and hearty preparation by us resulted in an exciting and successful residency earlier in August at Museum of Glass.  Big thanks to the team led by Niko Dimitrijevic and to our residency sponsor Becky Moores.

Also a shout out to filmmaker Derek Klein:   “A common misconception – when talking about the works of Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles – is that the work focuses solely on Africa.  Working closely with the the artists over a full week, I was able to hear directly from the source.  I see these two as journalists, with a writing style of ‘choose your own adventure.’  Truly inspiring people.”  Back at you, Derek, and big thanks.

Check out his documentary short assembled during our residency & look for our finished new works during SOFA Chicago at Duane Reed Gallery.

Happy September & hope to see you in Chicago!




“Ethnobotany” at Wright Conservatory -Tonight thru Oct. 12

September 4, 2014
by Rosemary Ponnekanti

Until now, art exhibits in the Wright Park Seymour Conservatory have mostly consisted of colorful glass art placed somewhat arbitrarily amid the tropical plants, one aesthetic step higher than garden decoration. Not so “Ethnobotany.”

Opening Friday, Sept. 5, with an artist reception, the 12-artist show is curated by the one person who could pull off something quite unique: Lisa Kinoshita. Her provocative mixed media installations have lately been matched by her funky terraria and plants at Moss+Mineral gallery.


“Ethnobotany” begins strikingly: glass duo Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman garland a palm with an enormous, golden glass fruit.

Click here to read the rest of The News Tribute article about the Exhibit

Exhibit opening 6-8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 5, with music by Alex Tapia and Nate Dybevik
Then open 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday through Oct. 12.
Admission $3, and free for 11 and younger and third Thursdays.

Wright Park Seymour Conservatory
316 S. G St., Tacoma


Museum of Glass Residency, 8/13 -17

Orb Totem 2014
Blown, sculpted, mirrored & sand-carved glass with screen print image, metals.
48″H x 9″W x 7″D

Orb Totem 2014
Blown & sand-carved glass, screen print image, metals.
50″H x 9″W x 6″D

What an opportunity we have during the week of August 13, to work with the exceptional gaffers at Museum of Glass, Tacoma!

Join us as we explore and discover forms and formats incorporating screen printed images selected from our personal photo library.  We’d love to see you and don’t be shy, make sure we know when you’re in the stands!

If you’re curious but cannot get to the museum you can watch us live!

Our residency is supported by Fuel Their Fire, so special thanks to Museum of Glass and our sponsor, Becky Moores, for this dynamic residency!

Sabrina screen printing