“First Light” BIMA show ends Sept. 29th

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

If you have yet to ferry out to Bainbridge Island Museum of Art you have four more days to view “First Light,” the museum’s inaugural show which includes two of our works of art along with works by many notable regional artists in various mediums.  In addition to “First Light” you will have the opportunity to view the show of Heikki Seppa, master metalsmith.  During this weekend BIMA presents the Manhattan Short Film Festival at 4 p.m.  In addition to great shows, the architecture of this new regional museum is award-winning.

BIMA’s admission is by donation: pay what you can afford or enjoy the museum for free.  It’s a short walk from the ferry and and within a block or two you are in the midst of shops and eateries all offering delectables: enjoy island life on foot and leave your car in Seattle.  It’s a perfect Autumn day trip!

Jenny Joins Pratt Fine Arts Center Board

Pratt Fine Arts Center Announces New Trustees to Board of Trustees
Seattle, WA – On August 31, 2013 Pratt Fine Arts Center welcomed four new trustees to its board: Piper O’Neill, Jenny Pohlman, Sarah Traver, and Katherine Wax.

“The Pratt Board of Trustees continues to enjoy amazing talent. Pratt has a steady tradition of engaged and qualified individuals on its board and this new group continues and benefits from that pattern. We are excited to welcome four extraordinary and unique individuals: two renowned artists, Piper O’Neill, an NEA recipient in printmaking and Jenny Pohlman, a nationally exhibited artist in glass/mixed media and recipient of the Pratt Fine Arts Service Award. Sarah Traver, of the Traver Gallery, brings her knowledge of community building and curatorial expertise and Katherine Wax a land use attorney with Perkins Coie, who’s legal experience is a perfect fit for our upcoming Pratt Place Project. We cannot be more fortunate to have such art-focused leadership to keep Pratt focused on its mission and the exceptional council to keep us on track in this stage of growth here at Pratt.” 
–Bob Swain, Board President

“I walked through Pratt’s doors in Autumn 1989 and have been a student, renter and advocate ever since.  I am honored to accept a position on the board and ready to engage in this era of Pratt’s new growth.  Sabrina and I have always said that every city needs a Pratt Fine Arts Center; it’s a true Seattle treasure.”
–Jenny Pohlman, New Board Member 


Summer’s On!

We hope you all were able to enjoy this beautiful Spring … we certainly got a jump on our gardens!

Why our gardens look so good!


A reminder that the opening for Bainbridge Island Museum of Art happens on June 14.  We’re honored to be among the artists selected to be in this opening show with two significant works.  Check out this excellent article in the June edition of Seattle Magazine to learn more about BIMA, a dynamic addition to the Northwest arts scene.  It’s an awesome new museum with a full focus on Northwest artists!  And it’s green ….


Executive director Greg Robinson prepares for the June 14 grand opening of BIMA


Another successful installation. A big thank you to Greg Robinson for awesome placement in the forum!





“Thank You, Al Gore!”

“Thank you, Mr. Vice President!”

We have to start off by hailing Vice President Al Gore for the riveting, passionate and eye-opening two-hour lecture he delivered at First Baptist Church mid-month, as a part of Seattle Arts and Lectures series, to introduce his new book, “The Future:  Six Drivers of Global Change.”  Gore stated that never before in human history has humanity faced the degree of change that we are facing, that we are becoming the architects of our own demise and that our democracy has been hacked, among two hours of other things.

Change has reached critical mass and we are in an Age of Emergence, he said, and defined the fraternal twins, Peril and Opportunity, in the context of optimism:  “Optimism without engagement is passive agression toward the future.”  He called on us as a culture to restore our integrity, our ethics and our democracy and to wake up and get to work!  In his book he outlines how each driver of global change can be steered for a positive outcome.

It’s a big book, but but we need to read it for its daunting insights (goats that secrete spider silk with their milk?), wisdoms and to do lists.  If anyone out there wants to do a book club with us, write us and we’ll figure out the details. Whew, have we got work to do!


 Take a ferry and come join us!


Century Ballroom Needs Our Help!

We were at the Century Ballroom on Sunday attending an unbelievably orchestrated Celebration of Life for colleague Susan Balshor and learned some disturbing news from a Century Ballroom flyer: they need to raise $92,000 in the next couple of months.  See details below ….

If you have never been to the ballroom you will not believe the architecture, the magnificent dance floor and the overall feeling you get when standing in the ballroom.  It is a true Seattle treasure that we would like experience for a long, long time.  Spread the word; send a donation if you can ….


Happy New Year!!

We wish for you Grand Adventures and Rekindled Friendships as well as all that need not be said (LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS)!  Our last adventure —  Mexico City, December 2012 — delivered art and soul and passion and this incredible Sunday Brunch Fountain!

Sunday Brunch Fountain, Mexico City, 2012

All of the warnings of pollution and crime proved false.  The depth of culture in this city is overwhelming, stimulating and inspiring.  The architecture is awesome, from pyramids to basilicas to contemporary structures.   The food and music were outstanding.  The subway system is enviable and ridiculously affordable.  If you’re thinking about a trip to Mexico City, think about it no longer, just go!



We said we’d get back to you regarding an installation at Peacehealth Peace Island Medical Center, the new hospital and cancer treatment facility that opened in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, in November.  We successfully installed “Deanna’s Amulet” in the lobby of the Cancer Care Center and send our appreciation to the art committee for commissioning this tapestry fragment for inclusion in the unique and poetic body of work installed in the facility.

“Deanna’s Amulet” 2012
Off-hand blown & sculpted glass, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, found objects, natural materials, beads, antique West African findings and Deanna Anderson’s Harley key chain
43″H x 25″W x 7″D

Deanna Anderson

Deanna’s Harley key, distressed, in center of O-ring

Deanna’s Harley key chain, modified, hanging from hand




“The Wheel of Remembering and Forgetting” 2011
Off-hand blown and sculpted glass, steel
34″H x 34″W x 4″D

Opening Friday, March 1st, 6 – 9 p.m., and running through the 28th, “Unique Visions in Glass,” showcases our work in addition to emerging artists Armelle Bouchet, Amy Pruzan and Rachel Rader.

In addition, on March 24 at 7 p.m., as a part of Vashon Allied Arts’ Arts & Humanities Series, we will be presenting “Journey,” a 40-minute, orally and visually engaging presentation of our travels, inspirations, philosophies and series of works from our 20 years of collaboration.  We encourage youth attendance and invite all of your questions …….




New Work at SOFA! … And Other News ….

Hello!  It’s been awhile!

We have had an exciting September and October (we hope you did, too!) and are currently preparing to travel to Chicago, one of our favorite cities, for the annual SOFA show at the Navy Pier, November 2 – 4.

Untitled 2012, Carved Head series by Pohlman Knowles

Untitled 2012, Carved Head series
Off-hand blown, sculpted, carved & sandblasted glass, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, found objects, beads
36″H x 30″W x 20″D

We’re excited to introduce our Carved Head series, inspired by sand patterns and arial views of South Africa (2008).  If you are interested in learning more about this evolution in our work, visit our Writing section under Portfolio on our home page.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with pictures of “Deanna’s Amulet,” and its installation.  Commissioned for the new PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center, “Deanna’s Amulet” honors Deanna J. Anderson, one of the many victims of cancer in the islands.  Her life and her passing inspired Charles Anderson, along with others, to create this incredible new (and only) hospital facility on San Juan Island.  We will be installing this piece in the entry to the Cancer Care Center on November 7 & 8. The ribbon cutting ceremony and open house will be on Saturday November 17 with first patients on Monday November 26th.

Stay tuned!

BTW, the “High Fiber Diet” exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum is not to be missed and Pratt Fine Arts Center’s Holiday sale (we buy more cool, crafted stuff for us than as gifts!) opens Saturday, November 17.  We highly recommend the opening night celebration, Nov. 16, for those of you who want first choice.  Hope to see you there!

Jite Agbro Benefit at Pohlman Knowles Studio

We are excited to announce
40 Dresses Celebration & Going Away Benefit 
September 8th & 9th
1 p.m. — 5 p.m.
for our friend and colleague, Jite Agbro.
She is embarking on quite a journey and we, with all of you,
wish her an exciting and fruitful adventure.
We hope to see you all in September!
Here is what Jite has to say:
Hi all you lovely people,
For those who don’t know already I will soon be disappearing for a good length of time.
Starting grad school!
Starting this Fall, I’ll be in grad school in the UW Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE)program. What is human centered design? Well blab explains it as a more promising and enduring approach is to model users’ natural behavior to begin with so that interfaces can be designed that are more intuitive, easier to learn, and freer of performance error. For me, this means I will be knee deep in programming languages and experimental research techniques, and by this time next summer, I hope to gain the knowledge and skills to do something cool like create mobile learning devices for people in developing nations who don’t have access to schools.
40 Dresses Celebration & Going Away Benefit 
Saturday, September 8, 1:00pm -5:00pm
Sunday September 9th 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Of course grad school is expensive so I’m having a benefit party to help purchase much needed things for school like a new computer, software, and books. I have designed and created 40 dresses (that will be for sale) about pivotal moments in the last year that brought me to this program and career change.  This is also a going away party so even if you aren’t buying a dress, please come so I can see you before I find myself drowning in a sea of homework.

LOCATION:  Pohlman Knowles Studio in West Seattle:   3824 SW Morgan Street, Seattle, WA 98126
IMPORTANT:  Be sure to access West Seattle via the West Seattle Bridge (from I-5 or 99) if you are not familiar with the detours necessary from south Seattle avenues!

The Collective Body: Laser cut on wax paper 2012 35" x27"

SAM Gallery opening reception – Thursday, September 13, 5-7 pm

I have several large new works at the SAM Gallery exhibition Digital Connections. Please drop by and say hello before I disappear into my new student life!

I want to thank all of you for your constant encouragement in getting me to this point. As you can imagine, this is a major deal for me, so I’ve come to you as my most valuable supporters, to help me make the best start of this new venture. Please save these dates and look for more details soon!

With sincere gratitude,

Jite Agbro