We wish for you Grand Adventures and Rekindled Friendships as well as all that need not be said (LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS)!  Our last adventure —  Mexico City, December 2012 — delivered art and soul and passion and this incredible Sunday Brunch Fountain!

Sunday Brunch Fountain, Mexico City, 2012

All of the warnings of pollution and crime proved false.  The depth of culture in this city is overwhelming, stimulating and inspiring.  The architecture is awesome, from pyramids to basilicas to contemporary structures.   The food and music were outstanding.  The subway system is enviable and ridiculously affordable.  If you’re thinking about a trip to Mexico City, think about it no longer, just go!



We said we’d get back to you regarding an installation at Peacehealth Peace Island Medical Center, the new hospital and cancer treatment facility that opened in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, in November.  We successfully installed “Deanna’s Amulet” in the lobby of the Cancer Care Center and send our appreciation to the art committee for commissioning this tapestry fragment for inclusion in the unique and poetic body of work installed in the facility.

“Deanna’s Amulet” 2012
Off-hand blown & sculpted glass, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, found objects, natural materials, beads, antique West African findings and Deanna Anderson’s Harley key chain
43″H x 25″W x 7″D

Deanna Anderson

Deanna’s Harley key, distressed, in center of O-ring

Deanna’s Harley key chain, modified, hanging from hand




“The Wheel of Remembering and Forgetting” 2011
Off-hand blown and sculpted glass, steel
34″H x 34″W x 4″D

Opening Friday, March 1st, 6 – 9 p.m., and running through the 28th, “Unique Visions in Glass,” showcases our work in addition to emerging artists Armelle Bouchet, Amy Pruzan and Rachel Rader.

In addition, on March 24 at 7 p.m., as a part of Vashon Allied Arts’ Arts & Humanities Series, we will be presenting “Journey,” a 40-minute, orally and visually engaging presentation of our travels, inspirations, philosophies and series of works from our 20 years of collaboration.  We encourage youth attendance and invite all of your questions …….