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Pohlman Knowles Studio New Website!

Hello!  We are so happy to share with you our new website!  For those of you familiar with our old site you can access it in ARCHIVES.

We’re working very hard on our solo show with Duane Reed Gallery opening May 18th.  This is a BIG YEAR for the American Glass movement:  it is celebrating 50 years!  And we are happy to say that we have been active in the movement for half of its life, designing, creating and innovating.  There are shows of glasswork all over the country so check out the opportunities to enjoy the work in your town.  We’ve very proud of our pioneers and colleagues and especially pleased to see so many young women active in the hotshop today.

And speaking of shows, there are a couple local shows we’d like to mention:

“Hide and Seek” at Tacoma Art Museum is a definite must see.  TAM is the only place in the Northwest showing this traveling exhibit and it is showing it in it’s entirety –  uncensored.  For those of you unaware, this show opened in 2010 at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery in 2010, where controversy erupted over David Wojnarowicz’s video, “A Fire in My Belly.”  The Smithsonian withdrew the piece after protesters deemed it “anti-Christian.”

 “Making Mends” at the Bellevue Arts Museum, curated by Nora Atkinson, is another definite must!  Focusing not on brokenness, but on the sense of hope and perseverance, the exhibiting artists come to terms with traumatic experiences through the act of creation. What is produced in response is honest, compelling, sometimes humorous, and a departure point to investigate what it is that drives the human spirit and our own path to healing.

OK then!  We’re signing off to get back to work.  Hope you enjoy this new site!

We welcome all feedback!

Jenny & Sabrina

Women on Top, March 31 – May 1, Ken Saunders Gallery

For 50 years, women have been critical to the development of the Studio Glass movement. The women in this exhibition have made aesthetic, technical and critical contributions that have been essential to the expanded role that glass plays in contemporary art. This survey contains a mixture of new and old work and is intended to give the viewer an overview of the unique voice women bring to their creative endeavors.

Ken and the staff of Ken Saunders Gallery invite you to the opening of  Women on Top, to be held at the gallery on Saturday, March 31, at 10:00am

Click here for the gallery web site

Women on Top - Ken Saunders Gallery