“Thank you, Mr. Vice President!”

We have to start off by hailing Vice President Al Gore for the riveting, passionate and eye-opening two-hour lecture he delivered at First Baptist Church mid-month, as a part of Seattle Arts and Lectures series, to introduce his new book, “The Future:  Six Drivers of Global Change.”  Gore stated that never before in human history has humanity faced the degree of change that we are facing, that we are becoming the architects of our own demise and that our democracy has been hacked, among two hours of other things.

Change has reached critical mass and we are in an Age of Emergence, he said, and defined the fraternal twins, Peril and Opportunity, in the context of optimism:  “Optimism without engagement is passive agression toward the future.”  He called on us as a culture to restore our integrity, our ethics and our democracy and to wake up and get to work!  In his book he outlines how each driver of global change can be steered for a positive outcome.

It’s a big book, but but we need to read it for its daunting insights (goats that secrete spider silk with their milk?), wisdoms and to do lists.  If anyone out there wants to do a book club with us, write us and we’ll figure out the details. Whew, have we got work to do!


 Take a ferry and come join us!


Century Ballroom Needs Our Help!

We were at the Century Ballroom on Sunday attending an unbelievably orchestrated Celebration of Life for colleague Susan Balshor and learned some disturbing news from a Century Ballroom flyer: they need to raise $92,000 in the next couple of months.  See details below ….

If you have never been to the ballroom you will not believe the architecture, the magnificent dance floor and the overall feeling you get when standing in the ballroom.  It is a true Seattle treasure that we would like experience for a long, long time.  Spread the word; send a donation if you can ….