Russell Dandelion 1
Wonderful night with photographer Russell Johnson over here at Pohlman Knowles Studios last Monday ….   “The Wheel of Liberation, aka Dandelion” will get its audience at Habatat Galleries’ 43rd International Invitational June 23rd.  Yours truly will fly out early to install.  We’ve waited along time:  envisioned in 2009, completed in 2011, she has graced our studio wall for four years.

Our title, “The Wheel of Liberation,” originates with the symbology of our spears.  To us they represent self-empowerment and freedom from oppression and were born from learning the story of Nehanda during our 1997 Zimbabwe journey.

“Aka Dandelion” arose when we installed the wheel in its entirety.  It appeared to us as a dandelion gone to seed, at a time when we were learning the many healing properties of the humble dandelion.

We dedicate this wheel to the people of Cambodia who are struggling to restore their country.

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