Himba | Himba Portrait Series

Himba Portrait Series Throughout our 25-year collaborative career we have visually expressed the strength, grace and wisdom of women using molten glass as our primary material.  Our passion for person-to-person exchanges with people living in traditional ways in a modern world motivates us to travel and meet remarkable women. Along with working [...]

April 15, 2018|

Carving | Heads, Spears

Sabrina began to envision carving our heads and spears after our journey to South Africa in 2008 during which we flew in several small planes over incredible landscapes

October 27, 2012|

Wheels | Wheel Musings

We arrived at this format through two-dimensional studies of our forms, during which time we saw the beauty of their silhouettes.

March 21, 2012|

Homage | Homage Series

This was our first collaborative endeavor. The sculpted glass figures were inspired by a suite of pastel drawings, created by our friend, the late John Mark Fleming.

March 21, 2012|

Birds | Sankofa Bird

In Ghana there is a saying: “If there’s something in your past worth going back for, go back and get it.” It’s symbolized by a bird with its neck and head looking backwards.

March 16, 2012|
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