We call our spears our Liberation Series.

The first set was created in 1998 about six months after our Zimbabwe travels during which we learned much about the country’s revolution against the tyrannical Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia, who seceded from Britain after being reprimanded by the Royal Government for oppressive actions against the native people.

We also learned of Nehanda, a spirit reincarnate who led her people through several liberation attempts, most notoriously against Cecil Rhodes in the 1800s. Alas, she was unsuccessful, tried, found guilty of treason and hanged in 1898. Her reincarnate was discovered in 1970, just before the War of Independence. She served to guide the guerillas through opposition territory successfully. Zimbabwe became an independent nation in 1980. The people are not, however, free from oppression.

This series symbolizes to us liberation, freedom from oppression and the fact that everyone of us has the right to become the best we can be during this fleeting lifetime.

We believe in the energy of the series donate a spear annually to Pratt Fine Arts Center to fund the Pohlman Knowles Teen Fund founded in 2000.