Homage is an evolution of our first collaborative endeavor begun in 1993. Our sculpted glass figures were inspired by a suite of pastel drawings created by our friend and artist, John Mark Fleming (1960 – 1994), his response to being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the early 90’s.  Before his passing we discussed transforming his two-dimensional figure into a three-dimensional glass form and explored this transformation with Mark in his wheelchair alongside us in the hot shop.  In time, with sculpted glass figures and carved wood burls, we created a short “And Counting …” series, the title referencing the book The Band Played On by Randy Shilts which documents the early development of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the US.  

After Mark’s death we retired the series with the final piece gifted to his partner but shortly afterward found ourselves longing for the figures.  We revisited the presentation of the figures, evolving from wood to steel, and arrived at our Homage Series in 1996.

  Since then we have worked to mature our design with both glass and steel.  Our intent is to evoke emotion through simple gesture, a nod of the head, the bent shoulders – a reverence perhaps, an homage to life.

Each figure is solid sculpted by hand without molds.  The heads are applied as a glass bit and sculpted hot.  We apply color using the powder method whereby granulated glass color is sifted onto a hot gather of glass.  We case our color meaning after sifting the color onto a gather we do a final gather of clear glass over the color.  The head is also cased.  After cold-working the glass figures we bring them into the metal shop and custom-size the metal work to each figure.