Jenny Pohlman
Sabrina Knowles
Artist Statement
October 2017

LODESTAR:  Principle, interest or person that serves as an inspiration or guide.
Oxford Dictionary

Throughout the last year, like many people, our world has gone from hopefulness to dismay and disappointment, to uncertainty.

When we were asked to do this show in March of this year, we asked ourselves “What will we show?”  The space is so vast and beautiful, what can we do to reflect what we are thinking and how are we feeling?  Two thoughts came to mind:  we are seeking clarity and we are reflecting on the times and on ourselves.  A show with predominately clear and mirrored work seemed an appropriate metaphor.

With Lodestar, we present an installation of signature compositions and works from our latest series integrating photographic images in blown glass.

Throughout our 24 years of collaboration we have created works that inhabit our beliefs of reverence to each other and the world we live in. Self-empowerment, liberation, compassion and the strength, grace and wisdom of women. We have had the opportunity to witness firsthand indigenous cultures that practice egalitarianism, reverence for the planet and an appreciation of the vastness of the night sky, a sky so laden with stars the you almost have to close your eyes to avoid a feeling of claustrophobia.  We often ask ourselves “can they show us what it is we have forgotten?”

We believe in the Magnitude of the Multitude and what it represents, that collectively we can affect change and create something more beautiful together than separately. We wish to show a feeling of reverence and solidarity together as is expressed in our Multiple Homage series and power through Luna, our Wheel of Liberation. Prayer beads are used in many cultures throughout the world, they can be used as a meditation and remind us that we can hope for something better.  The strength, grace and beauty of the Himba women, who we briefly met in Northern Namibia, inspired us to pursue photographic imagery in blown glass.

We hope you enjoy the show.

With special thanks to:  Tyrone St. Ours, Dave Walters, Scott Szloch and Kristin Elliot.