Our Tapestry series was born in late 2001, an evolution of a piece we created in 1998, inspired by our first visit to a traditional African healing market in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, 1997.  We were amazed at the collection of roots and herbs assembled under tarps on warped tables, an incredible contrast to plastic-bottled remedies aligning shelves under florescent lights, and marveled at these people for their memory of living medicines.

Our tapestry series represents to us nurturing, healing, grace, strength, birth & rebirth, growth, evolution, and abundance. We communicate this through an assemblage of elements, some of glass, some natural, including pods, deity figures, gourds, vessels and birds, suspended and balanced and woven together with beads from around the world.

To us, each piece is a delicate balance of color, form, texture, line and weight – a symphony, a tapestry – that can only be achieved through hours of arranging and rearranging. We are intrigued by both the positive and negative spaces within each piece and by the relationships between the elements, some intentional, some serendipitous. They continue to inspire us.