Several incidents aligned resulting in the vision of our wheel of spears: In 2004 and 2005 we took two journeys to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for a total of three months absorbing sights, sounds and experiences. In 2009 I took a printmaking class and printed a wheel of our Sankofa bird forms in silhouette. Three months after viewing these prints around our studios, Sabrina and I realized that we were looking at a two-dimensional study of a wheel of glass birds. Then came the drawings of The Wheel of Liberation and other wheels.

Because the original wheels were envisioned sans adornment we attribute their simplicity and our contentment with it to our time spent traveling in Buddhist countries where we experienced a sense of serenity on more than several occasions.

Our title, The Wheel of Liberation, originates with the symbology of our spears. To us they represent self-empowerment and freedom from oppression and were born from learning about the story of Nehanda during our 1997 Zimbabwe journey.

Aka Dandelion arose when we installed the wheel in its entirety. It appeared to us as a dandelion gone to seed, at a time when we were learning the many healing properties of the oft disdained dandelion.

We dedicate this wheel to the people of Cambodia who are struggling to restore their country.